About Us

Impala represents the capital and talent of a team of seasoned global business operators, entrepreneurs and institutional investors who bring substantial capital and proven experience in investing, operating businesses and active board management. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the legacy of the acquired company.

We focus on companies with recurrent revenues or predictable cash flows that are well positioned for long term growth in their market, either organically or by business consolidation. Of particular interest are business and consumer services sectors.

Why work with us


Impala is made up of a diverse team of entrepreneurs, investors and operators that possess many years of local and international experience  investing,  structuring  transactions and executing strategies to position businesses for growth and success.


We have significant capital resources that ensure our ability to quickly provide full or partial liquidity to business owners.

Corporate social responsibility

We seek to build an exceptional business in which employees, customers, investors, and other partners are proud to be associated. We look for businesses that we can nurture over the long-term in partnership with existing managers.

Focus on long term value creation

Our goal is to continue the hard work and build upon the success that has been achieved by the management team.  We focus on making strategic management decisions to create long term value.