Investment Criteria

Impala is seeking to make a controlling investment in a profitable East Africa based private company with free cash flow of $1 million to $5 million.We are focused on acquiring businesses with the following characteristics:

  • Strong market position – Impala is interested in businesses that are truly differentiated in the markets they serve.  We look for businesses: (i) that exhibit a strong market position or businesses that are emerging market leaders;  (ii) businesses that possess defensible and sustainable competitive barriers and opportunities.
  • ProfitabilityWe seek businesses with a track record of strong profitability and moderate capital expenditures.
  • Growth – We are interested in sectors driven by secular growth. We seek companies that possess diversified revenue growth avenues such as geographic expansion and new products or services
  • PeopleWe value a strong management team and culture of quality and teamwork, established and transparent operating policies and procedures, and committed employees.